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Church Lobby 3D Rendering

Architecture is not only about design but also about effective communication. So, how do you communicate effectively to a congregation of several thousand people about a church lobby renovation project? At Sims Architects, we have found that accurate and detailed three-dimensional animations are one of the most effective tools to relay details about a project. The Calvary Church (Lancaster, PA) lobby renovation expands the existing lobby to allow for greater traffic flow along with connection opportunities in a relaxed environment. The new carpet, ceiling and communication wall are vividly shown in the animation along with proposed graphics and furniture.

Calvary Church Lobby Renovations

Sims Architects was tasked with the renovation of Calvary Church’s Lobby. This is an over-all showcase of the project that gave new life and usability to the Calvary’s lobby.

Training Center

Designing a Training Center for a Chinese Christian Organization surrounded by farmland was a challenge. The 90 acre site had only two buildings so the first task was to develop a master plan of the site. Once the master plan was completed, the 12,000 sf addition was planned. The timber frame structure, earth tone colors and wood accents provided a strong connection to the rural location. The lighting, wall hangings and other features highlighted the Chinese organization’s roots. The 3d animation helped in the planning and fund raising efforts.

Conference Center Housing

As part of a Christian Training Facility and Retreat Center, the client wanted to add housing so that attendees could stay on site. Sims Architects designed flexible housing units that would accommodate a wide range of groups within a relaxing residential environment. This three-dimensional animation fly-through was used for fund raising efforts. The housing units will be in close proximity to the meeting and dining areas.